GHAWTH has begun the recruitment process for an HR officer.

GHAWTH has begun the recruitment process for an HR officer.

GHAWTH advertises for an HR officer in its Khaldeh office.

Main Duties:

Recruitment and Selection:
Posting job vacancies on various platforms.
Reviewing resumes and applications.
Conducting initial screenings and shortlisting candidates.
Coordinating interviews with hiring managers and candidates.
Assisting in the final selection and offer process.
Onboarding and Orientation:
Organizing orientation sessions for new hires.
Facilitating the completion of paperwork and documentation.
Introducing new employees to the organization’s policies, procedures, and culture.
Providing support and assistance during the initial adjustment period.
Employee Relations:
Serving as a point of contact for employee queries and concerns.
Assisting in resolving workplace conflicts or grievances.
Maintaining employee records and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Conducting exit interviews and analyzing turnover trends.
Training and Development:
Identifying training needs within the organization.
Coordinating training sessions and workshops.
Tracking employee training progress and maintaining training records.
Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs and making recommendations for improvement.
Performance Management:
Supporting the performance appraisal process.
Assisting managers in setting performance goals and objectives.
Monitoring employee performance and providing feedback.
Administering performance review forms and documentation.
Benefits Administration:
Assisting employees with enrollment in benefit programs.
Processing benefit-related paperwork and documentation.
Addressing employee inquiries regarding benefits.
Liaising with benefit providers and ensuring compliance with benefit regulations.
HR Policy and Compliance:
Assisting in the development and implementation of HR policies and procedures.
Ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.
Conducting regular audits to ensure HR practices align with organizational policies and legal requirements.
HR Reporting and Analytics:
Compiling HR data and generating reports on key HR metrics.
Analyzing HR data to identify trends and insights.
Assisting in the preparation of HR-related presentations and dashboards.
HR Projects and Initiatives:
Participating in HR-related projects and initiatives.
Collaborating with cross-functional teams on HR-related tasks.
Contributing ideas and suggestions for improving HR processes and practices.
General Administrative Support:
Assisting with general administrative tasks as needed.
Maintaining HR files and documentation.
Coordinating HR-related meetings and events.

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