GHAWTH is launching the recruitment process for the procurement officer.

GHAWTH advertises the need for a procurement officer in its Khaldeh office.
Tasks :

Prepare, coordinate, and implement procurement plans for all Ghawth offices in compliance with donor requirements and Ghawth standards.

Coordinate the reception and evaluation of quotations or proposals for goods or services.

Ensure the quality of goods upon delivery complies with the requirements submitted to the supplier.

Ensure timely, efficient, and effective procurement of goods, services, and works while strictly adhering to the procurement policy and other relevant Ghawth policies.

Establish the specifications of goods and services required by the organization in collaboration with the relevant departments while ensuring the quality of the purchased goods and services.

Negotiate the best deals for pricing and supply contracts.

Review and analyze all suppliers, quality, and price options while maintaining transparency in the process.

Prepare supplier contracts and purchase orders and submit them for management approval.

Source in-kind donations where possible.

Attend meetings and trainings as advised by the management.

Keep track of employees’ trainings and certifications for later reports.

Perform other tasks as advised by the management.

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