GHAWTH conducts 113 pediatric surgical operations

Ghawth for Relief and Emergency announces that it has commenced the implementation of the pediatric surgical operations project, funded by NORWAC.

This project aims to perform 250 surgical operations for children of all nationalities, encompassing tonsillectomy, hernia, hypospadias, and orchiopexy surgeries. These surgeries are scheduled to take place at both the Bekaa and South governments.

As of now, 113 operations have been successfully completed for 103 patients. This includes 20 cases of hypospadias, 28 cases of tonsillectomy, 26 cases of orchiopexy, and 39 cases of hernia. The beneficiaries consist of 24 Lebanese (21%) and 79 Syrians (79%). It is important to note that registration for the campaign continues until December 30, 2023.