GHAWTH is launching a campaign for pediatric surgeries in collaboration with NORWAC

Ghawth for Relief and Emergency, in cooperation with the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC), is launching a campaign for pediatric surgeries.

The project is targeting 150 cases for children (0–15 years) of all nationalities residing in Bekaa and South Lebanon.

The covered surgeries are as follows:
• Tonsillectomy with or without adenoidectomy surgery
• Hernia Surgery
• Undescended testicle (orchiopexy) surgery
• Hypospadias (urethroplasty) surgery

For registration and further information, feel free to contact:
For Bekaa: Mr. Alaa Shaaban, Healthcare Coordinator
For the South: Mrs. Duha Maatouk , Healthcare Coordinator
For any general questions or complaints, Mr. Abed Alkarim Anadani, Project Manager.